Customer Data Security

We’ve developed our platform to offer you a "secure by default" experience. We are aware that you are entrusting us with information about future campaigns that should be hidden from others until a campaign is launched. We also know that trust is not only hard to gain, but also easy to lose. That's why we’ve done everything to keep AdApprove as safe as possible.

Customer Data Security

Our system is tailored to keep customer banner campaigns separate. This means that every campaign has their on unique name in filesystem and database. Your data will be stored in a database that is and no one else can access it (except our personnel, if you grant access). Also, no data overlapping is possible. You can be sure that your data never end up in someone else's hands.

Regular Updates

We assure you that this tool is regularly updated. If you notice some errors in the system, please let us know in order to fix them.

Connection Encryption

Every connection to your account is SSL only. Non-encrypted communication is not allowed. We also follow all best HTTPS security practices. That means we use HTTP Strict Transport Security.

Full Redundancy and Backup

All systems are redundant. We use a multiple layer infrastructure architecture - load balance, application, database, storage layer. Every layer is replicated.

Backups are done regularly over the day, on-site as well as off-site. They are also regularly tested.


Our system is monitored around the clock, using internal and external services. In case of a problem, we get a report in real time and are instantly ready to take care of any potential issues.

Secured Facility

The server systems are located at TIER3 data center in Serbia. Building entrance activities are monitored and recorded. The facility itself is manned, monitored and recorded 24x7. Servers are kept in individually locked cabinets. Removal of hardware is prohibited without administrative approval.

Get in touch if you need more info

If you have any questions or concerns regarding data security, get in touch with us on